Rules and Eligibility

Grades 3rd-8th will play two 12 minute halves. Grades 9th–12th will play two 16 minute halves. Overtime will be 1 additional minute.

All girls and younger boys grades 3rd-6th will play with a 28.5″ basketball, older boys grades 7th-12th will play with a 29″ basketball.

Teams are allowed 4 timeouts per game (2 full & 2 thirties, 1 additional 30 second timeout awarded for overtime).

Each team is allowed three passes for entry into the tournament (2 coaches and 1 scorekeeper). The 2 coaches will sit on the bench with the team and the scorekeeper will be designated to sit at the score table and keep the stats.

Each team is responsible for their own warm up balls. The home team will provide the game ball and be the official stat keeper.

15 point lead rule: If a team establishes a 15 point lead, the clock will continue to run with the exception of timeouts.

If a 15 point lead drops to 9, the game will resume normal clock operation.

30 point lead rule: Teams that are winning by 30 points can’t press full court, must pick up half court.

Proof of age and report card are required at all tournaments during check in. Any player that does not have all documents will not be allowed to play in the tournament.

Technical Fouls will be handled as followed:
· Player -2 Technical fouls in 1 game will result in disqualification for the remainder of the game plus a suspension from the next game.
· Coach -2 Technical fouls in 1 game will result in a disqualification for the remainder of the game and must leave the gym not permitted to watch. Also after first technical foul coach must sit and cannot stand remainder of game.

Players can play up in a tournament but not down. Players can only participate on 1 team in a tournament.

A player must play in at least one pool play game to be eligible to play in a bracket play.
Each head coach is responsible for the players, assistant coaches, scorekeeper and parents of his/her team. Any misconduct on or off the court will result in immediate dismissal and/or disqualification from the tournament. Tournament fees, entry fees or any other fees WILL NOT BE REFUNDED NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

REFUND POLICY: After Tournament Schedules are in place, no refunds are issued.

NOTE: The tournament director will have the last word and final decision to remove or disqualify any team.

Pool Play ties will be determined by the following:

1. Head to head competition
2. 15 point max point system.
3. Total points scored
4. Free Throws


All protest must be done prior to the start of the game, the tournament will charge a protest fee of $100 in cash to acquire all documents. A full refund will given back if you win the protest; however if you loose the protest you will NOT receive any money back. No protest of a team will be allowed after a game has been played.